Adopt a J-rocker

It's for their own good

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The cute mini-part/Livejournal community of Libertas Papilionis where members can adopt icons of their favorite J-rockers. It was creatd by x_pata_chan on a seperate website but brought here. The secondary icon creator is torabara who "volunteered" to help.

1. Only members can "adopt" one of the little guys like Shinya : so join.
2. Members can "adopt" as many j-rockers they want but there will be a once a week "adoption" allowance cause these guys are tedious to make.
3. The SAME j-rocker can be adopted by multiple members only if one or both of the following are met ::
-The adopted J-rocker is from a different "era" then those already adopted this will be distinguished
by outfits that the j-rocker is/was wearing.
-The adopted j-rocker in question is in a different band/ solo then those already adopted
4. Adoption must be placed by making a new post in the community.
5. In the case of an ambiguous claim (ie. when two people claim the same-exact-in-every-way J-rocker, one here in the community, the other through the form ), we will let the two people duel it out because timing can not be precisely determined in all cases.
6. When posting a request for adoption please, please include a picture of what you want the icon to somewhat resemble.

All adoptions will be put on a list here. A code will be placed on top of the adopted for members to copy and paste wherever they want to show their adopted J-rocker. Do not direct link the pictures there and do not try to take someone elses adoption... that's just... yeah.

Wanna help us out... help by making a banner ^-^. We spend all our time in little closets making the icons we run out of time to make banners.